Want to know if your hormones, thyroid, adrenals, or blood sugar and insulin are out of whack? If you are feeling "off", tired, having mood swings, brain fog, lack of sex drive or difficulty losing weight, Dr. Hayley can help you to figure out what's going on.

The process starts with Dr. Hayley taking a complete health history so she knows all of the symptoms you are experiencing, and about any potential underlying health conditions. From here, Dr. Hayley will have you complete a comprehensive hormone panel called the DUTCH test that gives you a complete look at the basic hormones, estrogen, cortisol and androgen metabolites, melatonin and your free cortisol pattern. This test is a urine test and will be sent directly to your home for you to complete and send back to the lab for testing. A lab order will also be made for the Sonora Quest nearest you, to have other baseline labs, thyroid and blood sugar/insulin tests done.  When the test results are in Dr. Hayley will have thyroid, adrenal and hormone medications compounded at a local compounding pharmacy and sent out to you. Any supplements you need will also be drop shipped to your address. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) helps your body's hormones to return to youthful levels, which assists with slowing, or even partially reversing the aging process.  Our hormone levels naturally decline as we age, and replenishing these hormones, helps with a vast array of symptoms such as muscle loss and weight gain in men, and hot flashes, and loss of sex drive in woman. It is much safer than synthetic hormones, because it is biologically identical to the hormones produced in our bodies. Because our bodies recognize these hormones, this results in fewer side effects.

Natural thyroid hormones including NP-Thyroid, WP-Thyroid and Nature-Thyroid are made from dried and powdered pig thyroid glands. In contrast to Levothyroxine a synthetic T4 hormone drug, the more natural desicated thyroid medications contain T1, T2 thyroid cofactors, calcitonin, iodine, and T3 (active form of thyroid hormone), and T4. This is closer to what the body produces, and these products contain less fillers and binders meaning less chance of side-effects. 

Severe adrenal problems can be addressed by low dose hydrocortisone for a short duration. This serves to effectively reboot the adrenals, so that they can resume normal production of stress hormones. Sometimes supplements such as adaptogens, DHEA, glandulars, and vitamins are also necessary to achieve optimal adrenal function. 

Blood sugar issues and insulin resistance can easily be addressed by using herbs, vitamins, minerals and dietary changes. 


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