Mindful DNA Professional Test Kit & 60 Minute Virtual Consultation


This is the perfect genetic test for determining exactly which treatments will lead you towards better health. It helps your provided to tailor your lifestyle, diet, and nutritional supplements directly to you and your unique genetic constitution, for improved overall health and wellbeing. Your results will provide you with personalized, actionable infomation that will help you adjust your lifestyle, habits and activities to best improve your quality of life. Price includes 60 Minute Virtual Consultation. The Consultation includes comprehensive health history, order for any further labs and testing you need, test interpretation, and comprehensive treatment plan. Cost of medications, supplements, and any additional testing is extra.


What this test includes: 

- An analysis of 32 genes across 6 functional domains of wellness including genes associated with Cognition & Mental Acuity, Cardiometabolic Health, Gastrointestinal and Immune Health, Stress & Emotional Wellbeing, Inflammation, and Sleep.


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