Covid-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Testing & Brief Virtual Consultation

Covid-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Testing & Brief Virtual Consultation


This finger-prick test is mailed directly to your home, and can be done at home. Many medical insurers will help to cover the cost of this test, and a "superbill" can be generated to submit for reimbursement. Unlike most tests available to test for Covid-19 Antibodies, this test also include IgM antibody testing instead of just IgG. This can tell you sooner if you were infected by covid-19, since IgG antibodies take longer to build up in the body. Though it is not known how long immunity to covid-19 will last after you're infected, it is likely that you will have some degree of immunity post-infection. This test can help you to understand your risk of becoming ill, or transmitting the virus to others which is helpful if you're returning to work or school.  With a sensitivity and specificity of greater than 94% for both Antibodies, this test is highly accurate. Price also includes a brief visit with Dr. Hayley, who will go over the test results, and different ways to help boost your immune system to prevent you from becoming ill in the future. Dr Hayley can also call in a lab order to have your vitamin D levels tested, since low levels are associated with an increase in cold, flu and other infections. If your levels are low, a vitamin D supplement can be shipped directly to your home. Please note prices of any further testing, and supplements are extra. 


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