Celiac, IBS, and Crohn's Array (CICA) Test & 60 minute Virtual Consultation

Celiac, IBS, and Crohn's Array (CICA) Test & 60 minute Virtual Consultation


Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease where individuals cannot tolerate one crumb of gluten in their diet. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity can occur in some people who are not celiac, but still have adverse reactions when they ingest gluten. The CICA test is a comprehensive array that analyzes genetic predispostion and serologic components associated with Celiac and Crohn's disease. The test also tells you about intestinal inflammation and permeability which can occur in all three conditions. If you have gastrointestinal symptoms, autoimmune disorder, leaky gut, or suspect you have crohn's, celiac, or IBS then this test is for you. It can also benefit those diagnosed with chronic fatigue, malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, unintended weight loss, skin rashes, or those who just want more health efficiency, or who live a high performance lifestyle such as athletes. Price includes 60 minute digestive health consultation. This consultation includes a comprehensive health history, interpretation of results, recommendations for further labs and testing, and a comprehensive health plan including diet, supplements, lifestyle, and other recommendations. Cost of supplements, medications, and any additional testing are extra.


This test includes: 

- HLA typing for celiac disease: HLA-DQ2.5 and HLA-DQ8

- Genetic markers for Crohn's: ATG16L1 and NOD2

- Antibodies: Total Serum IgA, tTG (IgA and IgG), DCP (IgA and IgG) and Anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody (ASCA)