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Dr. Hayley will ask you a series of questions about the conditions you are seeking treatment for, and about your general health history. She will send you for any relevant labs and other tests that will give a more complete picture of your overall health. When the results are in, she will then suggest treatment options that are most appropriate for your particular health condition. You will receive a personalized treatment plan with diet, supplement, medication, and lifestyle advice that will help you to optimize your overall health. A follow-up visit will generally be scheduled for a month later so your treatment plan can be modified as needed to achieve the best result possible. Checking in is necessary to monitor efficacy and safety of your current treatment plan, and provide you with optimal care.


The short answer is no. Technically, Evolve Healthcare is cash pay only, meaning the company does not process insurance claims itself, and payment is due at time of service. That being said though, if you have an insurance plan that may cover visits, laboratories, or procedures that you receive at Evolve Healthcare, then a "superbill" can be generated to submit to your insurance. A superbill is basically a receipt that contains claim information which includes diagnostic and procedure codes, and an itemized list of services you received. Individual insurers will review these claims and determine whether or not you are eligible for reimbursement or not. This reimbursement may be full, partial, or none at all depending on what the individual insurer covers. Reimbursement is not guaranteed, and is up to the sole discretion of the insurer. Evolve Healthcare accepts no responsibility if a claim is denied, as it is out of our hands. All we can do is try our best to get you some sort of reimbursement through your insurer by generating the superbill for you to submit.


Dr. Hayley will send you a new patient intake form to fill out, along with a Consent form to receive services remotely via Telehealth. If possible, in the intake, please include a complete list of medications and supplements that you are taking including brand name, dose, frequency and any other relevant details. It is requested that these forms be sent back at least 24 hours prior to your first visit, if possible. Please also email any recent testing or labs you have had done, by other providers, that may pertain to your current health condition/s, as they help the doctor to determine what may be contributing to your current health conditions. Dr. Hayley will also send you a link to log on to the HIPAA compliant platform that will be used for your virtual visit, and a payment link to prepay which is


Ph (US Only): (623) 696-0615, Toll-free (CA/US) (866) 788-3389

Evolve healthcare now sees patients exclusively via eVisit. A secure, HIPAA compliant, platform is used to conduct all virtual consultations.

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