New for British Columbians

Dr. Hayley is excited to announce that she will now be offering Naturopathic Services (housecalls & eVisits) to Canadians residing in the province of British Columbia! Please note the US-based company Evolve Healthcare by Dr. Hayley LLC, is NOT associated with any service offered by Dr. Hayley in Canada. Please get ahold of Dr. Hayley through her toll-free number for more information, or to book a visit. If you'd like to know if Dr. Hayley can help you with your particular health condition, free 15 minute consultations are available as well.

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Mind, Body and Soul



Balance your endocrine system

Want to know if your hormones, thyroid, adrenals, or blood sugar and insulin are out of whack? If you are feeling "off", tired, having mood swings, brain fog, lack of sex drive or experiencing difficulty losing weight or a loss in muscle mass and strength, Dr. Hayley can help you to figure out what's going on. Having balanced hormones can make a world of difference in how you feel, and your overall health and vitality.

The process starts with Dr. Hayley having you complete a comprehensive hormone panel called the DUTCH test that gives you a complete look at the basic hormones, estrogen, cortisol and androgen metabolites, melatonin and your free cortisol pattern. The test is a urine test done at home that you complete and send back to the lab for testing. A lab order will also be made for Tudor Village Labs, to have other baseline labs, thyroid and blood sugar/insulin tests done.  When the test results are in (it generally takes about 2 weeks), you come into the office (or see the Dr. via a telemedicine consult if you prefer) for an initial visit. The initial visit consists of Dr. Hayley taking a complete health history so she knows all of the symptoms you are experiencing, and about any potential underlying health conditions. Following your appointment,  Dr. Hayley will have thyroid, adrenal and/or hormone medications compounded at a local compounding pharmacy that you can pick up or have mailed out to you. Any supplements you need will also be drop shipped to your address from Fullscript. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) helps your body's hormones to return to youthful levels, which assists with slowing, or even partially reversing the aging process.  Our hormone levels naturally decline as we age, and replenishing these hormones, helps with a vast array of symptoms such as muscle loss, weight gain, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, and loss of sex drive. There are several studies that support the safety of Bioidentical hormones over synthetic hormones. This is likely because they are biologically identical to the hormones produced in our bodies, and since our bodies recognize these hormones, this results in fewer side effects.

Natural thyroid hormones are made from dried pig thyroid glands. In Canada the main brand is ERFA. In contrast to Levothyroxine, a synthetic T4 hormone drug, the more natural desiccated thyroid medications contain T1, T2 thyroid cofactors, calcitonin, iodine, and T3 (active form of thyroid hormone), and T4. This is closer to what the body produces, and these products contain less fillers and binders meaning less chance of side-effects. If you are already on other thyroid medications and doing well on them, then Dr. Hayley is trained to use these medications as well, and remaining on these won't affect your overall treatment plan negatively. A balanced thyroid is helpful to feel more energetic, mentally clear, to assist with weight loss, to have a normal body temperature, to optimize your mood, and to normalize heart rate, bowel movements, and reduce muscle aches and weakness.  

Severe adrenal problems can be addressed by low dose hydrocortisone (aka Cortef) for a short duration. This serves to effectively reboot the adrenals, so that they can resume normal production of stress hormones. Sometimes supplements such as adaptogens, DHEA, glandulars, and vitamins are also necessary to achieve optimal adrenal function. Optimal adrenal function helps you feel more energetic, mentally focused, calm, and grounded. 

Blood sugar issues and insulin resistance can easily be addressed by using herbs, vitamins, minerals and dietary changes. Optimal blood sugar helps reduce cravings, can help with weight loss and mood, and also helps with mental focus and energy as well. 

Dr. Hayley will tailor a treatment plan directly to you that is dependent on what your lab results and symptoms show. Follow-up appointments are necessary at regular intervals to ensure your medications and other treatments are at the ideal dosages to give you optimal results, and to ensure you aren't experiencing any side effects. It will also help keep you on track and progressing towards your treatment goals. 



Balance Your Chi

Acupuncture is most recognized for the treatment of pain conditions. It can be used to help treat many other conditions as well. Dr. Hayley also offers electroacupuncture where clips are attached to the needle and a low voltage current is applied. This has been most studied for pain and nerve damage. Moxibustion is also offered which involves using a stick made out of herbs to warm the points. In Chinese medicine theory this is thought to relieve stagnation in the meridians and lead to better flow of qi and blood. Call for more details.



The Natural Anti-Aging Solution

Acupuncture of the face helps to improve blood flow, and fine needles create microtrauma which stimulate new collagen formation. It is thought that this helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Call for more details or to book an appointment.



Treat fine lines and wrinkles, bond with friends

Call for details. Deals available for party host. Due to Covid-19 extra precautions will be taken by Dr. Hayley to ensure safety of all attendees.



Treat Pain & Muscle Tension

Cupping is an alternative therapy that originated in China. It is used to enhance the flow of blood and qi. There are 2 different ways of performing cupping therapy. One is referred to as stationary cupping where several cups are left in place for up to 30 minutes. The other is referred to as gliding where the cups are kept moving and glided over the body. Both methods of cupping provide benefits such as pain relief, decreased muscle tension, detoxification, reducing fascial adhesions and more. Call for more details.



Help your digestion find zen

If you suffer from digestive health complaints like IBS, Crohn's, Colitis,and heartburn, and need to eat a restricted diet, Dr. Hayley can help. Gut health is an integral part of overall health. If you have autoimmune disease, healing the gut can help with the management of your condition. Dr. Hayley herself suffers from celiac disease, so she understands first hand what it's like.  Call for more details.



Helping your brain be on it's "A" game

Want to find out what you can do to enhance cognitive function and maintain the health of your brain? This hour long consultation will help you to determine the underlying cause of symptoms such as brain fog, forgetfulness and mild cognitive decline. Nootropics are also known as smart drugs or supplements and they can be used to help enhance the functioning of the brain. Call for more information.



Strengthen your immune system naturally

Do you get ill more often than normal? Learn how to enhance your immune function, and increase your resistance to microbes that can make you ill. This visit is an hour long and goes over all aspects of your health. It includes a customized treatment plan including supplement recommendations that will help optimize your immune function. Call for more information.



Optimize Energy and Immune Function Fast

Offering Meyer's, Mini-Meyer's and high dose IV-vitamin C. Call for more information.



Replete vitamins fast for optimal health

Is your diet or absorption less than optimal? Vitamin deficiencies can lead to less than optimal health. There are several available in injectable form that help increase absorption in those with poor digestive health, or those who want to optimize their levels more quickly than what can be achieved by taking it by mouth. If you think you may have a B vitamin deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency or would like to try fat burner aka "Lipotropic" shots then please call for more information.